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Gridley Country Ford Financing & Auto Loans for Chico, Oroville, and Yuba City

Gridley Country Ford maintains close relations with top lenders. We handle your financing professionally and promptly, which is why so many in Gridley, as well as Chico, Oroville, and Yuba City, have found financing that works for them on the Ford of their dreams right here at Gridley Country Ford.

Starting with a complete look at your unique situation, we aggressively pursue the best possible rate and terms available, ensuring you the lowest possible payment for your next vehicle purchase.

To have one of our professional analysts take a precursory look at your situation, please fill in our secure credit application. Submit a completed application and we will contact you promptly.

If you have immediate questions about financing an auto loan, please refer to our Auto Finance FAQs below or call us.

Please think of Gridley Country Ford's Finance Department as an auto loan resource; our team is knowledgeable enough to educate you on the wide variety of financing options available to you.

Can I get financed with no money down?

Sure you can. Getting financed with no money out of pocket and no payments for 30 to 60 days is a snap. Contact our Finance Team to learn more about your zero-down options. To Get Started Click Here

What do I need to bring to be sure I have everything I need?

Everyone who is signing on the loan should bring a driver's license and insurance card. If you are unsure about your credit, bring proof of residence (a phone or light bill will do). Do not forget to bring your most recent pay stubs, down payment, and the title or registration of your trade-in.

What if I do not have very good credit?

Many dealerships just look at a number. At Gridley Country Ford, we look at your whole situation and treat you the same way we treat all of our valued customers: With respect. So even if you have been turned down elsewhere in Gridley (or Chico, Oroville, and Yuba City), contact us and Drive Home Happy Today.To Get Started Click Here

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